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Episodes 39 and later are on Youtube

Episode One

The premiere episode of Disc Golf Live begins with coverage of the Hall of Fame Classic from the '03 PDGA National Tour DVD, followed by a tour of Wessel Pines, a private course and clubhouse in SE Michigan.  There is a preview of the upcoming Worlds Championship in Des Moines, Iowa, and a comprehensive lesson on the fundamentals of the backhand throw from Mike Raley, including a step-by-step technique to master the proper "x-step" run-up.  Finally, there is a look back at the 2003 Pro World Championships from Flagstaff, Arisona.

Episode Two

The second episode of Disc Golf Live takes viewers to Ann Arbor, MI, for a look at the 2004 Great Lakes Open including the "final nine" for men and women (Can you say sudden death?).  Mark Ellis then offers a tutorial on throwing the forehand.  He covers all the shots - drives, approach shots, turnovers, hyzers, and even rollers.  The episode also features extensive coverage of the 2003 Homie's Classic from Cedar Lake, Indiana. 

Episode Three

The third Disc Golf Live episode features coverage of the 2004 Am Nationals on the Toboggan course in Milford, MI.  Next, there is a look at nighttime play and an unusual glow-in-the-dark tournament, a piece on the Euclid, Ohio, disc golf scene, and more.  New for this episode are calendar segments - PDGA Majors, National Tour stops, and select local events from around the country. 

Episode Four

The fourth Disc Golf Live episode kicks off with a look at the Original Ace Race from Ann Arbor.  Next, there is a review of the '04 Women's Nationals from Peoria IL, including a final-nine duel between Des Reading and Juliana Korver.  The art and science of golfing in the snow is the subject of the next segment, and then it's off to Molokai Island for the '04 Zonedriven Hawaii State Championships.  The show wraps up with coverage of the Seneca Creek Soiree from '03. Also included are calendar segments listing prominent PDGA events and local events for many of the communities where DGL is being broadcast.

Episode Five

The fifth Disc Golf Live episode begins with a look at final round action from the 2004 Marshall Street Championships.  Next comes a tour of Highbridge Hills, WI, site of the upcoming Mid-nationals championship.  There is a look at DG in Iceland, then its back to Marshall Street for some skins action.  A segment on the 2003 Brent Hambrick Memorial Open caps off the show.  Besides a couple of aces along the way, the episode also includes national and local event calendars. 

Episode Six

The World Championships are a big part of show #6, with segments on the upcoming Pro and Am Worlds, along with a look back at the competition among the Juniors at the '04 Worlds in Des Moines, Iowa.  The No Foolin' event from Ann Arbor is recounted, including the do's and don'ts of retrieving a disc from the water, the story of an accomplished amateur on the brink of going pro, and of course the Shot of the Month.  (Soon to be retooled as the Throw of the Show.)  Also included are national and local event calendars.

Episode Seven

Episode seven starts out with a trip to New Mexico for a piece submitted by Mark Pritchard called "The Perfect Game."  Then the National Championships take center stage as we review the spectrum of these events, including a detailed look at the United States Disc Golf Championship coming up this October.  The folks at EDGE have a promotional DVD to share which includes details on their school-based curriculum, and we also take a look back at the men's Amateur Grandmaster competition from the '04 Des Moines Worlds.  Along the way there's footage of a shot far more rare than an ace (we caught one of these, too,)  plus local and national event calendars, and more.

Episode Eight

Episode eight includes in-depth coverage of the Discraft Great Lakes Open, a PDGA NT event held this past June.  This includes a look at the Hudson Mills Monster course, and a review of the results of the amateur and professional competitions.  The showdown between Ken Climo, Dave Feldberg, Al Schack, and Scott Martin makes for some great footage.  We get a look at the senior set, including an interview with Peter Shive and the Legends finals from the ’04 Des Moines Worlds.  We examine the nexus between disc and traditional golf as we take a look at some video from Florida and get the lowdown on the upcoming Players Cup.  Thanks to Denny Ritner for that footage, and to Joe Todd for his work on a Southern Nationals Am Championship recap.  There are two calendars: local events and a 2006 PDGA NT/Major listing.

Episode Nine

The feature event for episode nine is the British Open.  There is coverage of showcase finals for both the men's Masters and Open divisions from a fine course in Essex, England.  There is a course review from Hickory Hills in Traverse City, MI, as well as a look at Kensington Metropark in Milford, MI and the Toboggan course where we captured the Throw of the Show.  The Guardians of Recreation are back, this time with a nice general piece about disc golf, which they offer to others who might want to post it on the web.  Our crew at the USDGC caught up with Phil Arthur and he shared some tips on ambidextrous throwing.  We'll also take a look at the action among the amateur women's field from the 2004 Des Moines Worlds.   There are event calendars along the way, and as always, there are a couple of minutes of footage at the tail end of the program so local information can be inserted as warranted or the show can be shortened if needed.

Episode Ten

The featured event for episode 10 is the Marshall Street DGC.  Thanks to Steve Dodge and crew, we have included the Ace Skins match and a few other bits to bring folks just a little taste of one of the most progressive events on the calendar.  The episode also features a course review of Flip City in Shelby, MI, as well as coverage of some nighttime play from the Mystic Mills event in Ann Arbor.  We've got a look at some of the footage from the recently released PDGA '06 Pro Worlds DVD, and a piece about the Louisiana State Championships put together from some video and pics submitted by Joe Todd.  There are also the usual calendar segments to let viewers know how far the world of disc golf extends.

Episode Eleven

Episode 11 starts off with a preview of a few upcoming PDGA NT events, along with coverage of the Brent Hambrick Memorial Open from the '03 PDGA NT DVD.  The show also features a piece from the Guardians of Recreation that explores the reasons folks play disc golf and other deep issues.  Starting kids off throwing discs with the right basics is the subject of another segment, featuring material from Motodom.com's "Basic Training" instructional DVD. Our Games People Play segment explores Wolf, a great game to play when you have five players.  And we cap things off with a final selection from the '05 Marshall Street DVD, the finest tournament DVD on the market.  Along the way you'll also see the Throw of the Show, upcoming event calendars, and more.

Episode Twelve

Episode 12 brings a feature on the Fool's Weekend tournament from Dave McKnew of avideopresence.com, and Joe Todd from Lafayette, LA checks in with a Trio of Aces.  There's also a feature on disc golf carts, and some of the action from No Foolin' in Ann Arbor.  The featured event for the episode is the 2005 Amateur Nationals (on the fantastic Kensington Metropark Toboggan course) and includes highlights like Lizard Games and Speed Golf.

Episode Thirteen

Episode 13 features the United States Disc Golf Championship, the premiere event the game has to offer.  Thanks to the folks at Innova, the remarkable story of the '03 USDGC is retold, including early round action, final round highlights, and a look at perhaps the most electrifying playoff in the history of disc golf.  Barry and Ken are both at the top of their game and the golf on display is supreme.  Also included in the show is a lesson on the swing plane by Chris Sprague, and some of the action from the Great Lakes Open from this past June.  Local and national event calendars are also included as usual.

Episode Fourteen

Episode 14 of Disc Golf Live video magazine brings viewers coverage of the '06 Zonedriven Hawaiian Open.  Thanks to some footage submitted by Al Schwartz, there’s a segment on the course at Kualoa and coverage of the tourney finals.  Plus, there’s a look at the state of course development in Hawaii and beyond.  The Guardians of Recreation are back with another unique piece, and there’s a look at the top performers in the disc golf world as the PDGA season wraps up.

Episode Fifteen

This episode kicks off with a couple of stories from the recent United States Disc Golf Championship in Rock Hill, SC.  There’s an in-depth look at the devilish hole 13 of the Winthrop Gold course, and some tips about grips from touring pro Dave Feldberg.  A piece submitted by Stu Shulman of Ventura, CA, shows off some action from the left coast, while a story and pics submitted by Joe Todd illustrate the scene at the recent Southern Nationals championships.  Brian Sullivan teamed up with some members of Team Discraft to produce a piece on throwing the forehand shot, and there’s a segment from the ’05 Pro Worlds to cap things off. 

Episode Sixteen

This show kicks off with action from the '06 Am Nationals.  We'll start off with the front nine of the Toboggan course.  Then, we'll head to Rock Hill, SC, for an item called the Big Bamboo, a look at another unique hole from the USDGC.  The show continues with a segment from the '06 Marshall Street DVD, and then its back to the Am Nats as the tourney leaders work their way through the back nine on the Toboggan course for a down to the wire finish. 

Episode Seventeen

The East Coast is in the spotlight for the 17th episode of Disc Golf Live.  We've got a look at some scenes from the Skylands Classic DVD, plus a great Women's Skins match from the Marshall Street DVD.  Sandwiched in between, we head to the Southeast for another in our series of segments on great holes of the USDGC.  This time, we'll look at the Island Green, number 17. 

Episode Eighteen

This episode of DGL starts off with a wrap-up of our ongoing series from the ’06 USDGC, including a look at some action outside of the ropes.  There is another nice Discraft Pro Clinic featuring Mark Ellis, plus a look at Matt Orum as he tears up the course during the Gator Country Classic.  Hats off to Brian Sullivan, who put together the Discraft piece, and Johnny B! who sent us his DVD on the GCC.

Episode Nineteen

This show is a look back at the first few DGL episodes.  Since our broadcast list was limited in those early days, this gives newer viewers a wide-ranging survey of early DGL-produced segments.  We’ll look at some technique pieces featuring our pals Mike Raley and Mark Ellis, plus an exciting Final Nine and subsequent three-way playoff from the ’04 Great Lakes Open.  There is a piece on course development, a profile of a young player named Marc Burnett, a look at the Original Ace Race, and a primer on playing disc golf in the snow.

Episode Twenty

The episode kicks off with a course tour of Cold Brook Park (Climax, MI) in anticipation of the '08 Worlds centered in Kalamazoo.  There's a piece submitted by Derek Kotval on the San Francisco Safari, a disc golf-themed music video submitted by San Franciscan Paul Aziz, and another unique take on the game of disc golf from the Guardians of Recreation.  There's a piece from the Am side of the '07 Great Lakes Open, which reviews some of the changes coming to PDGA competition next season.  To cap off, there's a look at the action from the closing holes of the '07 USDGC from Rock Hill, SC. 

Episode Twenty-one

We call this show “Don’t Be Last” in light of our piece on the unique USDGC qualifying race in ‘07, which came down to a battle between four players for three spots, just to get into the tournament.  We’ll continue our series on Worlds 2008 courses, with a tour around a course called Oshtemo, just outside of Kalamazoo, Michigan.  And from another part of Michigan, we’ll take a look back at some action from the Pro side of the field at last summer’s Great Lakes Open.

Episode Twenty-two

We call this episode “Coast to Coast” since our coverage spans the continent. The show opens with a segment recounting action from day one of the ’07 USDGC.  Next come a couple of Steve Dodge’s favorite highlight reels from the ’07 Marshall Street DVD, before it’s off to northern California for Derek Kotval’s piece on the ’07 Steady Ed Memorial Masters Cup.   A profile of uber-pro Brian Schweberger follows, including his great tips on throwing the thumber.  Finally, it’s back to Marshall Street for some final round action in the Men’s Open division.

Episode Twenty-three

Titled “Skin and Bones,” this episode showcases three great disc golf venues.  We’re happy to feature some of the action from the Women’s Skins portion of the ’07 Marshall Street DVD.  And we’ve also got a recounting of the action from round 2 of the ’07 USDGC in Rock Hill, SC.  Finally, from last year’s Great Lakes Open there’s a full-circuit tour of the Toboggan course (Milford, MI) where both records and bones are broken. 

Episode Twenty-four

We’ve titled this one “Sweet Charlotte” in recognition of the fine disc golf in the Charlotte, NC area.  All the action in the show, save a musical adventure in New Mexico courtesy of the Guardians of Recreation, takes place in the greater Charlotte area.  We’re pleased to be able to bring folks a taste of Billy Crump’s “Clash at Renny Gold” DVD, including course-design insight from Stan McDaniel and great play from six top players.  Book-ending the show are pieces from just down the road in Rock Hill, SC, which recount the action from the two final rounds of USDGC, the most sought after title in the sport.

Episode Twenty-five

Marking four years of bringing Disc Golf to TV stations across the country, our 25th show recaps some highlights from our earlier episodes.  The show includes a look at southpaw Scott Martin as he wins his only National Tour event before retirement.  We also take a look at a game called Wolf, tour a Traverse City, MI course called Hickory Hills, and enjoy some of the antics at No Foolin’ in Ann Arbor.

Episode Twenty-six

We welcome both new and old contributors this episode, plus some of our own work.  Keith Johnson of Georgia orchestrated Road To Rock Hill, the tale of one state’s battle for its USDGC invitation.   We’ll also hear from Mark Ellis on Putting Confidence, and visit Louisiana for Joe Todd’s piece on the Spring Fling.   New Mexico is the setting for the latest Guardians of Recreation music video, and we’ll also look at some of the action from the Am Women’s pool at the ’08 Worlds.

Episode Twenty-seven

This episode, titled “North and South,” is centered in the Carolinas, with a side-trip to Georgia along the way.  From Raleigh comes Kris Henseler’s piece on the North Carolina Flying Disc Championships, and from Rock Hill comes a sampling of Billy Crump’s Clash @ Winthrop Gold DVD.  And Johnny B checks in with a tale highlighting the third and latest course at the International Disc Golf Center in Georgia.  Book-ending these goodies is our own coverage of the putting finals at the ‘08 United States Disc Golf Championship.

Episode Twenty-eight

Episode 28 starts with Derek Kotval’s piece on the ’08 Masters Cup.  We also sample a bit of the ’08 Vibram Open DVD put out by Steve Dodge.  And our own coverage of the ’08 CCR Open rounds things out.  Along the way, there’s a disc golf themed music video from Todd Lewis and RootStand, plus an ace submitted by Joe Todd.  As a bonus in our Home version there’s an In The Bag segment on Nate Doss.

Episode Twenty-nine

This show begins with a look at action from the ’08 Vibram Open, featuring the production skills of Steve Dodge.  Next, our pals the Guardians of Recreation offer up a scenic piece called High Desert Disgolf, then its off to Hornet’s Nest in Charlotte for some of the action from last summer’s US Doubles competition put together by Mike Bozik and Billy Crump.  To wrap-up, we’ve got the prime cuts from the youth divisions at last year’s world championships.

Episode Thirty

This episode features our exclusive footage of the '08 USDGC. All the best disc golfers turn out for this event and the course is a unique challenge. There are three USDGC segments. Part one is a review of top finishers through round one, when we taped every player in the field on two great holes. Part two includes a summary of the action over rounds two and three, along with an interview with disc golf legend Gregg Hosfeld as he discusses how a beginner should go about picking out a disc. Part three tells the tale of the final round as Nate Doss takes on all comers in search of his first USDGC victory. The episode also features a piece on the ladies field at last fall's Augusta Classic by John Botamer, and on the Northern Waters Series by Todd Lewis and RootStand.

Episode Thirty-one

 Episode 31 features a foursome of segments from an earlier season to bring current viewers some of the gems from past broadcasts. Disc golf is played all over and this show illustrates that point well. Included are stories from Hawaii (the Zonedriven Hawaiian Open), South Carolina (The United States Disc Golf Championship) and Michigan (the Amateur National Championship). Along the way, US & World Champion David Feldberg dispenses sage advice on grips for driving and mid-range shots.

Episode Thirty-two

This episode features a trio of treats and some disc golf time-travel.  Footage from the ‘97 Great Lakes Open is the foundation for our story of how time has impacted a series of holes over 12 years.  We also get to view some great players still on the circuit, along with some long-gone heroes, including world distance record holder Scott Stokely.  Checking in from the Tupelo Bay Open are Mike Bozik and Billy Crump.  And from Discraft comes a piece featuring long-throwing Marty Peters called More Distance…Now!   At the tail end is a sweet ace, just a glimpse of a story from a future episode.

Episode Thirty-three

This episode celebrates disc golf clubs and their role in growing our sport.  Using footage from Abe Arenas, we look at how the Fox Valley Metro DGC in Illinois came about, and enjoy some footage of their Jericho Lake Ice Bowl.  We get a look at a new two-course complex in Michigan brought about through the efforts of the Local 101 Disc Golf Player’s Union as we follow the action at Loco IV.  Spicing things up, we also have a fresh ace from Louisiana, sent in by Joe Todd.  And the always irreverent but lovable guys known as the Guardians of Recreation offer their latest spin on the game of disc golf.

Episode Thirty-four

We titled this one “Dial M for Disc Golf” to acknowledge the four featured locations: Michigan, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Missouri.  We start with our own piece from the mitten, as we explore a festive game locals call Dirty Dollars.  (You’ll like the sweet ace we caught!).   We shift to New Bethel, Minnesota for a battle between experience and youth as we take in a bit of Billy Crump’s latest Clash DVD, featuring the Blue Ribbon Pines course.  Heading East, Steve Dodge out in Leicester, MA, checks in with a fitting homage to Barry Schultz’ winning play at the ’09 Vibram Open.    To wrap things up, we revisit last summer’s PDGA World Championships in KC, Missouri as we take in action from the Men’s Masters Division. 

Episode Thirty-five

Since this episode is chock-full of deuces, we’re calling it “Birdie Festival.”  The episode starts out in Southeastern Michigan as regional and national touring players vie for the title at the Great Lakes Open.   Our focus then shifts to the national tour and the twin cities area as we take in the Final Nine at the Minnesota Majestic, as well as some old-school freestyle action, both pieces courtesy of Chuck Kennedy.  Finally, we trek to South Carolina to view the all-birdies Honor Roll from the international field at the United States Disc Golf Championship.

Episode Thirty-six

Our featured event this episode is the 2009 United States Disc Golf Championship, from Rock Hill, SC. We've got three tales from the demanding Winthrop Gold course, starting with a look at how players are tackling the ever-evolving fourth hole. We follow that up with an early round summary of the battle for the title, and finish up with a look at the final round, including coverage of the top few cards on some pivotal holes. And for those of us who miss the fairway now and then, we check in with Mike Randolph as he offers up a few techniques for helping folks to get out of trouble.

Episode Thirty-seven

We're calling our 37th episode "As Seen on TV" as we take a look back at some tales from a few years ago. The show kicks off with a tutorial from North Carolina's Brian Schweberger on throwing the overhand thumber. Next, the '07 Great Lakes Open takes center stage as we follow final round action on the fabled Toboggan course. Finally, a couple of our stories from the '07 United States Disc Golf Championship round out the episode.

Episode Thirty-eight

The stories in our 38th episode range from top tournaments to far-away grassroots efforts at growing our game. On the Amateur side, we've got a couple pieces from the 2010 United States Amateur Championship on Michigan's Toboggan course. From the Pro side, we've got action from the just-completed 2010 United States Championship, from South Carolina, highlighted by a stunning final-round Ace by Nate Sexton. From the folks at the ClashDVD Series, we've got action from Blue Ribbon Pines DGC in Minnesota, where four great players square off in a doubles match. And finally, we're off to Tanzania for our farthest flung disc golf adventure to date.

  Episodes 39 and later are on Youtube