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Disc Golf Live is at its core a community production and we need your help to make the show better.  Anyone can submit video for consideration as a DGL segment, and what makes this program unique is that we can work with rough footage and do the final editing for you!  All you need to do is follow some simple guidelines and submit your footage.  Fully edited submissions are welcome as well!

Let us know  about your ideas for Disc Golf Live and our team will work with you to help make your submission top notch.  We will be happy to provide scripting, content, and production help so you can get everything needed for a good segment on tape.

Don’t think your video equipment is up to par?  Don’t worry!  Disc Golf Live can work with video provided in several formats including both analog and digital.     

A written description and signed consent/release form   must accompany all video submissions to Disc Golf Live Click here to learn more about submitting video to DGL.