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Disc Golf Live subscriptions are available for the Home version our show, specially formatted for easier viewing.  Copies of our Broadcast dvds are always free to broadcast partners.  Subscription rates are as follows:

One-Year Subscription:       $48 (6 episodes)   (PDGA rate: $36)
Half-Year Subscription:       $28 (3 episodes)   (PDGA rate: $24)
Individual Copies:                $10 per episode

All subscriptions can be ordered to include a second copy of each episode for an additional $8 per show.  This way you can retain a copy for home viewing while submitting another copy for broadcast.

Please print this subscription form to order DGL today.  Online subscription payment will be available soon.

Canadian orders: Please add $2 per episode with all orders.  All funds in $ US.

International orders: Rate to be determined on an individual basis.  Please contact us before ordering.  Please note: international broadcast formats may not be compatible with NTSC (American) standards used for DGL (but you may transfer the show to PAL format).

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